Lost order

For shopping on the World of Retail, use the latest version of your browser.

To get order in the online store of the partner fixed, you should

make next steps:

1. Register/login to your personal account on the World of Retail website.

2. Go to the website of the online store on the button "To the store" (before that close

the website of the partner).

3. Verify that the transfer is fixed.

4. Make a purchase.

5. See the order in the personal account of the World of Retail within 10 minutes.

The lost order is the order made with the transition to the partner's website, which

not displayed in order history.

Why your order may be lost, despite the implementation of the above


1. Your order may be interrupted by a malicious browser plugin. Such

type of fraud is gaining popularity on the Internet. At the time of booking

the variant of substitution references when I visit the website of partner your link

can fall back and cash back is credited to the fraudsters. We recommend

make purchases in a clean browser without any plugins and extensions.

Check your browser for the presence of these extensions before buying, as

your cookie may be intercepted and cashback will not be credited to you.

2. Various programs that block ads (such as AdBlock) may

prevent the accrual of cashback. Some antivirus systems may have

configured ad blocker that affects getting cashback.

3. The cashback is also affected by the settings of your antivirus or

web browser. If they prohibit the installation of cookies, cashback can not be counted.

If it turns out that your order was lost and not displayed in the statistics, you can apply for 

a search of your order to return cashback for paid order.

To send a request for the restoration of your order, you need fill out a special form.

Go to your personal account, in the section " My orders " and select "lost".

Click "Find order" button to open the request form lost order:

After clicking on the button, you will see the application form. Fill in all required fields:


Next, you need to download two files:

1. Screenshot of the shop page, where is the order in the "Completed" status

2. A screenshot of a check or of a payment

Please note that the period of accrual of the lost order may be increased in accordance to

the conditions of the store where you make the order.

If the purchase was from a mobile app, move the slider to the active one condition. If the 

purchase was made with the active extension of the blocker advertising, move the slider 

to the active state.

If an ad blocker is installed in the user's browser, you are a high degree of probability will 

not be able to get cashback from online purchases.

Once you have filled in all the necessary fields and uploaded the images confirming your 

order, click on the "Add"button. A window will appear notifying you that your application 

has been accepted. All requests for search of the lost order are displayed in the table. 

Once created, your application is sent for review. The order will not appear in Order 


When the order data is confirmed by the store, your cashback will be compensated and 

credited to the balance with the ability to withdraw funds.

Вы получите уведомление на свой счет о том, что у вас накоплен cashback lost order.

You will receive a notification on your account that you get cashback from your lost order.

The cashback status on the lost orders page will change to "credited".

If you have violated the requirements of cash back link and the store is not confirmed

order, cashback is not returned, and the application for the lost order will receive the

status "refused".

Open "Finance" and go to "Balance" - tab "my lost orders" credit history cash back for lost 

orders is displayed.

After the request of withdrawal of the accrued cash back from your balance on the wallet, 

the funds will be transferred no later than 7 days after the submission of the application.


If you have less than 3 completed orders in the month when the lost order was made,

cashback will not be credited. 

Accrual of Cashback occurs only on completed orders (you received the order, confirmed

receipt in the personal account of the store where you made the purchase), which does

not always depend on us. We work on lost orders with partners and try to prove that the 

request is made through a cashback link from the world of retail service. If this is correct,

stores give cashback for you.

If the order is not found, World of Retail compensates the user for cashback from

own funds, but under certain conditions:

* for lost orders uploaded a photo of the goods on the background of the personal screen

Cabinet store, where you can clearly see the composition of the order and its status;

* 100% prepayment is made on the website of the store, the order is completed;

* the user made more than 3 purchases per month using the World of Retail;


* compensation is charged for one lost order in the month in which minimum cashback 

size among others in the reporting month;

* maximum amount of cashback compensation for lost order is 500 rubles or the 

equivalent in foreign currency.

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