Cheat sheet for new users

We are glad to welcome you in our cashback service World of Trade!

Since we want your purchases to go without problems and shopping bring you only positive emotions, below we have collected for you a small memo, so you know about all the pitfalls that can meet you on the way to your orders.

1. So, let's start with the most important.

You chose the store you are interested in, clicked on it, saw the "Buy with cashback" button, but... No hurry.

Be sure to read our basic instructions. It is there as a reminder in each card store, you just need to click on the purple banner with the inscription "How to buy in the store and get cashback?"

When you click you will open our basic instructions, if you suddenly forget anything or want to check if you do correct actions. Here is a direct link to this article

Already read? Great!

2. Then let's move on to the second point. 

Cashback bets. They need to be viewed in each store before buying. Bets reflect the amount of cashback you will receive for your purchases. They can differ for different categories, and can be identical on everything that is in shop.

In some stores like Yulmart in bets there are Categories. Decoding categories you can find on the link in the description of the store just below.

3. The most important thing in the store - it's terms and conditions.
We kindly ask you to always reread them before going to the store, because they are different for each store. They contain all the nuances of purchases that can prevent the accrual of cashback for your order.

4. All updates we first go on the website, and then in the mobile application. Some innovations may appear in the mobile application later than on the website. 

If you doubt the relevance of the information or you do not understand somenything, please ask your question to our technical support before you go to the store and make orders.

We recommend registering/logging in to each website where you make your order.

5. We have an extension for Google Chrome, but we do not recommend using it, because it works in the testing phase and may crash. 

The most reliable methods - purchase through the mobile app WR Cashback (download version on Android or iOS version) and PC version of the World of Retail website.

Please note that when you place an order from the mobile app, clicking on the link to the store should not take you to the mobile app of the store, but to the store website in your mobile browser. Many stores do not take into account orders made through the mobile app, do not risk, please check. 

6. There are aspects that are worth paying attention to from the General instructions. 

Please read them below.

The conditions for the crediting of cashback in shops:

Cashback is charged for the actual cost of the goods, excluding shipping costs.

Cashback is not credited for orders paid in part or in full with bonus points/gift cards. This applies to most stores. Cashback is not compatible with other discounts.

If you have made an order in the store, chose pickup and are going to pay for the order on the spot, then for the calculation of cashback do not change the order, do not remove and do not add products. 

If the order is re-formed in the store, the order will not be displayed in your account and cashback for it will not be charged.

If you make an order in the online store and you have the opportunity to pay for it online, we recommend you pay online. Thus, you will eliminate interrupting the order by sellers in the store. This is usually because store employees want to increase their personal sales.

7. You have to make sure that the cashback is not lost when clicking on the link:

Use the latest version of your browser.

Disable all extensions that can prevent the accrual of cashback. These include AdBlock, CDN, AliExpress Seller Check, extensions for downloading music from third-party sites, VPN. It is also necessary to disable the extensions of other cashback services.

Allow the use of cookies.

First go to the website of the store from the World of Retail, and then add the product to the cart and place your order. It is this sequence that will allow the order to pass correctly in the system and it will appear in your personal account.

8. Important: orders do not always appear within 10 minutes after registration. They can appear even after a few days. In our experience, we can say that orders from Beru, iHerb, OneTwoTrip and other stores take a long time. There was a case when the order in the store Beru appeared five days after purchase. 

Accrual of cashback to your balance does not occur immediately. Each store has a different waiting period for cashback, the average waiting time is indicated in the store.

9. If you lost your order, we provide a refund of cashback.

In what cases we return cashback to buyers? 

Given example. If you have three successful orders for June (which are displayed in your account, paid and received by you) and in June you made an order that did not appear, then you can create a lost order, the data on which we will send to the store. 

If the store confirms this order to us, we charge you the appropriate cashback. If it does not confirm - we charge cashback from our funds, but not more than 500 rubles (or the equivalent in foreign currency) per order, even if the cashback was supposed to be more. 

If there are several lost orders and you have created several orders - we will charge for the one with the lowest cashback. Please attach to the application the necessary screenshots and photos, without screenshots orders will not be considered. 

If you have less than 3 completed orders in the month when the lost order was made, cashback will not be credited. 

All orders are charged at the beginning of the month following the month of the application, that is, cashback for June will be charged in early July. 

The limitation period for calculating lost orders does not exceed 3 months - the order lost in January will not be considered in June.

Detailed instructions on how to create a lost order and get cashback for it - here.

We always stand on the client's side and protect his interests in front of shops. If you are dissatisfied with the service or have any suggestions to improve the service - we will be happy to listen to you in technical support

We wish you a pleasant shopping with the World of Retail!

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