How to invite friends?

World of Retail has a referral program - you recommend our service to your friends and get profits with every purchase of the people you invite and get income from each sale of the invited store.

Invite your friends to World of Retail using the referral link and get 15% cashback for each registered user! For this you have to make a few simple steps.

1. Sign up on World of Retail website (how to make it - here).

After registration, open the main page and click on “Invite friends”. 

2. Copy the referral link and send it to a friend any convenient to you method: share on social networks or send, for example, in a letter to email.

3. Your friend signs up by this link on the site of World of Retail. After successful registration, you can see your friend in Your Account friends section.

4. Your friends make purchases, and you get 15% of each cashback from friend`s shopping! Also, if your friend creates a store and starts business, you can get a percentage of its sales (seedetails here).

The user generates revenue for as long as the account exists, You will earn real money on your friends' purchases while they shop with the account they created by registering with your referral link.

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