How to create a shop?

First of all, you need to enter your personal account in the World of Retail, in the tab  


You will find yourself in the supplier's account. To create your store, click to the "Create a shop" button.

INN is for Russia, use identical number of your company in your country.

You can go through all the stages of creating a store by yourself using the checklist that 

can be found by clicking on the Profile of the created store and then on the  the "checklist"


In this tab you can see all mandatory items to publish your store. Click on each of them 

and fill in the information.  We will go through all the required items for the publication of 

the store:

1. Click on the block "Fill in the name of the store". The Store Edit Card will open. Fill in 

the "Store name" field. The buyer will see this name. The legal name (LLC or other) is in a 

different place and not visible to the client.

Save the changes.

2. Then you need to upload the store logo.

It is recommended to upload a horizontal company logo in size 700x400 (not less than 


3. The INN is already done.

4. Enter the category of the store on the "General information" page of your profile of the store.

Select all the categories in which the store operates.The store may have several 


Save the changes.

After that, you can send the store for publication by clicking on the button "Publish".

We strongly recommend that you fill in the shop card before moderation completely. 

Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Moderation will take no more than 2 working days.

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