How to add employees to the shop?

Often the company has a staff of managers who work together to maintain the 

base goods, orders, logistics, etc. We understand that even when working with store's 

marketplace can have several managers at the same time.

An added employee will be able to manage the store, track orders. He will not be able to 

access the balance page of the store withdrawal to a current account.

In order to add an employee, go to "Stores" section, open the "About the store" tab, then 


Click on the "Add employee" button.

Enter the e-mail of the user (fully) you want to add.

Important! The user must be registered on the World of Retail site. If this condition is 

fulfilled, the system will find this user and you can to add it to your store staff.

Once you have added a user to your employees, the user will be displayed in the table.

Once you have added a user, they will be notified in a personal message.

In order to avoid fraud, we perform a reconciliation of employees and of uploaded powers 

of attorney in the system. We recommend downloading documents so we don't have to 

worry about the security of your data.

Go to the store profile, open the "Legal Information" tab, then "Documents."

Select the employee. Download a passport reversal scan with a photo and a power of 

attorney on company letterhead from of the CEO of the organization. 

You have employees, they have access to edit goods and services, order management, 


From now on, these users are allowed to work with the store.

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